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A Deeper Clean That Stays Clean Longer

Carpet Cleaning

Quality carpet that is well-maintained should last 10-15 years. Proper cleaning maintains the health of your carpet and your family. More Info

Upholstery Cleaning

Our IICRC trained technicians are certified to select the proper cleaning method for your upholstery. Read about our 9-step process here. More Info

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs deserve specialized attention. Our technicians are equipped with the safest and most effective cleaning methods available. More Info

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About Preferred Carpet Care

Preferred Carpet Care has the highest quality equipment available, uses the safest cleaning products, has over 50 years of cleaning/restoration experience and are certified IICRC technicians in Shasta County. But pretend for a moment that none of that matters. Think about the last time a tradesman of any kind was at your home. Were they on time? How did they treat your house? Did they use the same care and concern you do? How comfortable were you with someone else inside your home? Were there extra “hidden” charges in their final bill?

Preferred Carpet Care understands all of these concerns and respects you, your home, and it’s belongings.

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This video explains why our cleaning methods are superior to most cleaning companies!  See for yourself.  Don’t take our word for it!

You’re not just a client — you’re a friend!

Trust your home in our hands!

You can trust your home in our handsThis means that we use every tool we have to protect your home, from corner guards to protective shoe covers. We know you have an already exhausting, busy day, and we respect you and your valuable time. So we promise to call you if we will be more than 15 minutes late. We also promise to make sure you are comfortable with our written price before we start to do anything. We stick to that written price with no “hidden” fees.

What makes us so different from other “Carpet Cleaners”? It’s not just about providing a clean, healthy carpet, or even about giving you a guarantee. Our goal is creating a quality experience. From the time we enter your home to the time when we say “good bye,” we care just as much about your home, carpet, and experience as you do.

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